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The Complete Approach to Self-Sufficiency (CASS) program is a holistic approach to self-sufficiency. CASS provides a long-term action plan to help families or individuals reach self-sufficiency and is designed to provide a personalized family plan to asset development.  An inventory of assets will be identified and used to identify and utilize community programs and resources to accomplish the objective to move families toward self-sufficiency. 

CASS offers participants classes, budget and credit counseling, one-on-one meetings, advocacy services,  referrals, and ongoing support. 

Program goals:
  1. Increase opportunities and ability to achieve economic self-sufficiency
  2. Increase awareness and utilization of available community resources
  3. Increase opportunities to leverage assets by earning more income and or saving
  4. Decreasing use of public assistance
  5. Move families or individuals from unstable to stable in benchmarks that include: income management, employment, housing, energy, education, transportation, childcare, food, clothing, health care, independent living, medicine, and education for special needs children.

Families and individuals work one-on-one with CASS counselors to achieve goals they have.  Goals may include but are not limited to: finishing an education, purchasing a home, enrolling in adult literacy classes, getting a GED, joining a gym or participating in a nutrition class to live a healthier lifestyle, creating a resume, obtaining a job, creating a budget, or locating community resources. 

Who is eligible:

CASS works with low-income individuals and families from Lenawee County who desire to increase their self-sufficiency including the working poor, underemployed, and individuals or families that have fallen through the cracks of the current service system.

For more information contact Julie Laughlin: 517-263-7861 or