Early Head Start


Early Head Start is a FREE home-based program for Infants, toddlers and their families. EHS workers encourage parents in being the best advocate and teacher for their child. During home visits, EHS workers focus with families on play and other activities that strengthen parenting skills, as well as, the relationship between parent and child, and prepare children to be ready for school. Families are also offered the opportunity to come to play groups each month where they can meet other families and play and grow together.

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Additional Program Information

Early Head Start also provides play group opportunities for families at least twice a month.  Play groups are an opportunity for families to come together in a play setteing with other families and build relationships while playing with their own children as they work toward developmental goals together. 

Weekly Home Visits Include:

  • Fun Parent/ Child activities!
  • Developmental information for you and your child
  • Linkage to community resources
Interested in learning more? Click the link below to complete the interest form to begin the application process:
Jackson County: https://goo.gl/dr7HyJ
Hillsdale County: https://goo.gl/yLB4e9


Success Stories

The Early Head Start program has done amazing things for my family. When we started the program, my daughter could not talk or show love or share her toys. We lived in a run down, falling apart, roach infested apartment. The EHS program has taught my daughter to talk, show love, and to share her toys. Now we live in an apartment on a better side of town. The apartment is better than we ever dreamed we would live in.  We would like to thank the program for everything they have done for us.  -The Carpenter Family

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For more information email shawver@caajlh.org or contact the Jackson or Hillsdale Community Action Agency office.

Jackson - 517-784-4800 or 800-491-0004

Hillsdale - 517-437-3346 or 800-750-9300