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With support from our funding partner The Lenawee United Way, Getting Ahead™ works to provide a way to examine the impact that poverty has on individuals, families, and communities.  The goal is to provide a learning environment and experience where adults can examine their lives, investigate new information critical to addressing poverty issues, assess personal and other resources, and discover how to help solve community problems. 

Participants attend a series of classes and work through self-identified issue areas to achieving self-sufficiency.

What are people saying about Getting Ahead™

-The Getting Ahead™ class taught me more about myself, my community and its resources than I could have ever imagined.

-If I had taken the class earlier I may not have ended up where I am now, but I am grateful I am able to take, complete and use all my resources from this class to help myself, my family and community become stronger.  I learned many ways I could do things to improve my circumstances and how to prioritize.

-I have picked up tools that have tremendously changed my life.

For more information contact: Julie Laughlin 517-263-7861 or 800-438-1845