Partnership Park

In 2002, CAA sponsored a neighborhood design meeting to get ideas from residents and community partners about how they would like to see the neighborhood.  The result was a Phase I design that included new housing development, rehabilitation of existing housing, new historic lighting, and alley improvements.  Funding was also obtained to create a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plan through the involvement of all stakeholders including residents, church members and leadership, government officials, and other service organizations.

The Phase II Plan focused on housing development using the Capital Access Approach to Revitalization Planning that incorporates the following elements:

  • Identify Target Area
  • Develop Neighborhood Vision
  • Inventory Existing Conditions: physical, ownership, market
  • Seek Stakeholder Input
  • Identify Target Markets
  • Identify Leadership & Implementation Organization
  • Select a Team of Professional Service Providers
  • Determine Range of Products & Services to be provided
  • Develop a Land Use Plan
  • Determine Total Development Costs
  • Acquisition Plan
  • Fundraising Plan

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A Neighborhood Revitalization Plan was drafted, as well as renderings for a Single Family Home, Duplexes, and Townhouses.  Further planning also occurred through an Infill Study comprised of three components:

  • The Pattern Book – A guide for future development, was designed using community input and selected case study programs to build attractive, affordable infill housing, as well as town homes and mixed use developments.
  • The Beautification Guide – To offer improvement guidelines for multiple issues in Partnership Park: Trash and Refuse Abatement, Abandoned Vehicle Abatement, Housing Rehabilitation, and Alleyway Redevelopment.
  • The Ancillary Report – Details the process of envisioning, studying, and preparing the Infill Housing Study.  The Ancillary Report will increase the ease with which the recommendations presented in this study can be applied to address similar needs in Jackson or another city.


CAA partners with the City, the PPDNA and private developers to create new housing and rehabilitate existing housing.  Since the neighborhood has a high percentage of rental properties, the PPDNA has identified increasing homeownership as one of their strategic goals.

The project supported PPDNA by providing funding for association events and being actively involved in planning and implementation activities.  The neighborhood comes together for seasonal clean ups, the National Night Out crime and drug prevention event, and holiday activities.  The Partnership Park News is regularly published as a way for residents to gain information about community resources and activities.

The Partnership Park Neighborhood Revitalization Project includes increasing housing development and rehabilitation, supporting community involvement.  Most recently CAA and the PPDNA secured a federal grant that is focused on building the capacity of the organization.  This will be done by hiring the first PPDNA Executive Director and training residents in leadership and organizational development.


711_S_Jackson_Before  711_S_Jackson_After

The Partnership Park Neighborhood Revitalization Project’s accomplishments through 2010 include:

  • Over $15 million was been invested in the Partnership Park neighborhood.
  • 16 new 3-bedroom single family homes were built by CAA in partnership with the development company, the Sterling Group.  The homes involved utilizing equity from the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program and were developed as lease-purchase units for working families up to 60% of the area’s median income.
  • CAA purchased additional vacant property and demolished blighted buildings through the use of City CDBG funds.
  • Streetlights, sidewalks, tree planting and trimming, neighborhood cleans and other activities were completed in partnership with the City.
  • CAA rehabilitated 44 housing units and demolished 7 blighted units
  • Through a partnership with CAA’s YouthBuild Program and Habitat for Humanity, 3 new homes have been built for 3 new homeowners in the neighborhood.

Partnership Park Project Report


Toby Berry 517-784-4800 or 800-491-0004


The Community Action Agency serving Jackson, Lenawee, and Hillsdale Counties works closely with various partners on the Partnership Park Neighborhood Revitalization Project to increase the standard of living for neighborhood residents.

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Additional Program Information

The Community Action Agency (CAA) serving Jackson, Lenawee, and Hillsdale Counties is the lead organization for the Partnership Park Neighborhood Revitalization Project in conjunction with the Partnership Park Downtown Neighborhood Association (PPDNA) and a number of key community partners.  The project was highlighted as a model for other CAA’s during the 2006 Community Action Capital Development Enterprises (CACDE) conference.

Partnership Park is a 20 square block area with mostly renter-occupied homes (85%) that were once single family homes.  Nearly half the households have an income under $15,000 with median income for the neighborhood at $15,966 compared to $31,294 for the city.  The median age is younger that the city’s (25.3 years v. 31.3 years) and the neighborhood is more racially diverse (52% White, 34% African-American, 7% two or more races; 6% other; 1% American Indian).
Partnership Park was built in 1994 through the efforts of the neighborhood and the city.  A series of community organizing activities occurred over the following years.  CAA’s involvement with the neighborhood began in 2001 with the creation of the Barham Neighborhood Resource Center that included establishing two Head Start classrooms in the center.